The Center for Precision Imaging at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School has openings for highly qualified individuals at the post-doctoral level to work in the PET molecular imaging space. Our Center is at the forefront of personalized medicine and we are working to pioneer novel methods and agents with the potential to individualize treatment. We have a long-standing interest in developing novel targeted PET probes, and a robust history of clinical translation. In addition to generating novel probes, we are examining the role of imaging in characterizing cell biology, with a specific focus on cancer. Our group has led some of the first efforts to diagnose therapeutic resistance through feedback loop signaling, monitor and predict the immune response in cancer following immunotherapy and utilize targeted imaging to determine effective therapy dosing, among others. We are seeking candidates who are creative, motivated and hard-working to help continue our progress in these areas.

The successful applicant should have a strong educational background in imaging acquisition, radiochemistry and/or imaging analysis. Prior experience in cancer biology, molecular biology, and animal models of disease preferred. The minimum requirement is a PhD or MD. The selected candidate should have a proven track record of continued achievement, and proficiency in written/spoken English is preferred. If you are interested, contact the CPI using the website’s Link  or send an email to umahmood at